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Souring natural beauty and wellness products from all over the world that harness our nature’s powers, from mineral rich Dead Sea Salt that restores our skin, to concentrated Vitamin C boosters from native Australian fruit Kakadu Plum to replenish our skin and body, to air freshening and purifying Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils to clear our mind.

Let's began your journey of plant-based natural formulations to improve your health of skin.


Safe and effective products should be accessible to everyone, and toxic-free is better for the planet and kinder to your skin.

Consulting each ingredient within your products with EWG, the largest database regarding the safety of ingredients and the environment, to make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Our quality skincare will leave you feeling confident, healthy, and glowing.

To know more the ingredients We Avoid


Clean and sustainable beauty products have a minimal impact on planet and have a low carbon footprint associated with their production.