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Held Roll-on 5ml

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Our intention for those who use HELD is to feel held, safe, and able to process difficult feelings.

Held is a synergy of certified organic and wildcrafted bioenergetic essential oils, including Rose Otto, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Immortelle, Fragonia, Rosalina, Lavender and Australian Sandalwood.

Made in Australia

  • Bergamot - Calms and grounds the central nervous system to uplift spirits
  • Australian Sandalwood - Eases tension and relaxes the mind and body, helping to balance and uplift emotions
  • Fragonia - Unblocks emotions to balance and calm heart and mind
  • Rosalina - Soothes worries, calms headaches and irregular heartbeats. Grounds and relaxes the mind
  • Sweet Orange oil - researchers have found as well as reducing fear, Sweet Orange may help alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder

*Certified Organic and wildcrafted oils of *Fractionated Coconut (MCT), *Jojoba, *Rose Otto, *Immortelle, *Sweet Orange, *Geranium, *Rosalina, *Lavender, *Australian Sandalwood, *Frankincense, Fragonia.

Roll onto your pulse points (wrists, ankles, temples, third eye, heart chakra and behind ears) then roll onto palms of hands. Close your eyes and bring palms up to face, take in 3 deep breaths focusing on calming the mind.
Can also be used as a subtle perfume.