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Herbal Touch

Organic Virgin Rosehip Oil 30ml

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Key Benefits

  • Repair and Rejuvenate skin
  • Can be used as facial oil
  • For all skin type

Made in Australia


Rosehip Oil is a hydrating oil that moisturizes dry and mature skin and promotes skin elasticities, with high content of Alpha Linolenic Acid, an Omega-3 fatty acid and Linoleic Acid, an Omega- 6 fatty acid, it is known to have anti-aging, barrier protective and soothing properties. It also contains Tretinoin, which is beneficial to acne and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring conditions. With the additional content of Provitamin A (Beta Carotene), which is known to help to reduce levels of oxidative stress to enable the skin to glow, Rosehip Oil is suitable for all skin types but excellent for acne prone skin.

Country of Origin: South America


Rosa Eglanteria Seed Oil


Shake well before use.

For the face: As a moisturizer, apply a few drops onto your palm and massage onto your face. Or blend with a 10-20% dilution ratio into daily moisturizers or serums to enjoy the benefits of the oil. As a skin conditioning facial massage oil, use on its own or lighten the texture by blending with a lighter texture carrier oil (such as Jojoba Oil) in a 20:80 dilution ratio. If you use with essential oils, ensure it is diluted and not over 1% of the carrier oil.

For the body: As a skin conditioning body oil or massage oil, blend it with a lighter carrier oil (such as Jojoba Oil) with a 10-50% dilution ratio. If you use with essential oils, ensure it is diluted and not over 2% of the carrier oil. Pour supple quantity onto palm, rub your palms to warm the oil and massage gently onto the body.