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Five Senses Lifestyle


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The Five Senses Slippers relax and warm the bottom of your feet and also refresh with natural aroma from the traditional blend of natural Thai herbs.

Made in Australia


Lemongrass, Curcuma, Leech Lime Peel, Phlai, Rice, Tamarind Leaves


Please follow detailed usage instructions on directions and warnings leaflet.

Heating:  Microwave (800W) - 2 minutes, reheat at 30 seconds if necessary; Oven (Set at 100 degrees Celcius) - Heat for 30 minutes.

Test product to be desirable temperature before wearing over the neck and shoulder area.  Enjoy 30 minutes of warmth, relaxation and herbal aroma.

Children: Do not recommend for children under 2 years old or children with skin condition. Only specific essential oils are suitable for children, please consult a medical practitioner before use.

Storage: Some essential oils are flammable, care should be taken with naked flames. They can also damage polished, plastic or painted surfaces. Essential oils are best stored away from direct heat or sunlight.